Client Testimonials

“I was struggling with how to move forward in investing for my future. Money was sitting earning nothing. Then I found Morag. She was able to coach me through the root of my standstill, fear and lack of education, and move me forward. Although still a journey, I’m learning how I can make the best of my money and taking more risks. Thank you Morag!”

Kim Marsh 

I absolutely loved working with Morag. I'm brand new in the "small business" world and she helped me focus, define and narrow in on a few of the many aspects of running a business. I really had no idea where to start and had a skewed sense of business from working in corporate environments. It's so easy to get overwhelmed trying to get a business off the ground but I have a better idea of where and how to focus moving forward. Thank you for helping lift the fog Morag! I'm excited about the future and what comes next.

Amanda Bolger