Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a great way to ac

Do you have a specific area of your finances that you need to address? Are you concerned about retirement? Paying down student debt? Saving for a Mortgage? This package is tailored to you then. We talk once a week for 10 weeks with the intention of meeting a specific financial goal. We spend sessions talking about your money stories and their impact, review your current situation, set goals that are in line with your values and put in place a plan to achieve those goals. This package is great for women who are ready to tackle their personal financial goals and get serious about owning their freedom.

10 Session Package

Deep Dive Debt day

This is a one day intensive session for getting out of debt. This package is designed for the woman who needs immediate, rip the bandage off help. Over the course of the day we calculate all of your debt, all of your income and come up with a plan to pay off your debt that you can implement successfully on your own. If you are feeling completely stuck and paralyzed with your current situation and you need an emergency intervention this is the program for you. I know how hard it can be to get started, but also how hard it can be to keep going in the first few months so as a value add I offer a free follow up call with you to track your progress and tweak your plan. I offer two Deep Dive Debt days a month.