• Morag McIntosh

What is the value of money?

It sounds like an odd question for a financial coach to ask, but bear with me.

Understanding what you really believe about money and how you relate money to your core values is the first step in taking control of your finances.

We all have deep beliefs about how money intersects with our values. Whether it’s ‘money equals security’, or that ‘having money is a measure of my achievements’ or that ‘creative people aren’t ‘good’ at money’. There are so many places where we try to make money align or misalign with who we are inside.

But, money? It’s is just a thing. It’s a useful thing to have for sure, but it’s still just a tool.

It can’t be compassionate when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on. It can’t show kindness or honesty. It isn’t loyal, warm, quirky or funny. It can’t hold or soothe a crying baby. It’s not a value. It’s merely an object.

So why do we try so hard to shoe-horn it in to our values? When did we learn to equate money with strength, security or happiness?

I believe that when you look at your beliefs around money and values with clarity you have a tremendous opportunity to rewrite those narratives that are blocking you from where you want to be.

When you are ready to take that deep look I’ll be here to listen, cheer you on and help you out however I can.


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