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What does rich look like? Part two

When we last left our heroine she was eye deep in debt of her own making…

With the realization that I wasn’t going to get a raise, I really started to live the anxiety of not knowing how much I owed and how I was going to get out of that debt. I started doing research into credit counselling and bankruptcy but freaked out on what that might look like for the long term on my credit score.

In my research I ended up finding a few fantastic websites filled with really specific resources I could use. Back in those days I lived on message boards that were populated with people who were in the same situation as I was and in some cases in far more debt. I started reading everything I could about personal finance and debt reduction. I read stories of people who paid down enormous debt in what seemed like no time at all and more importantly they owned it. They refused to consider bankruptcy because they felt they had built the debt themselves so they had to be the ones to pay it back. I started understanding that there was a different path out of debt and back to ‘rich’, but it would be a long slog and my definition of ‘rich’ would need a severe overhaul.

The most inspiring thing the message boards showed me was example after example of people paying back what seemed like staggeringly large debts over months and years. These people had all gotten through the very thing that was keeping me up at night. Surprisingly a lot of these same people stuck around afterwards the debt repayment to show people like me what post-debt like could look like. It was an eye opener. There was a lot of brutal honesty, humour and plain perseverance in the posts and it felt doable. But more than anything those posts showed me a completely different way to look at money.

I suddenly was able to see a path forward that I could take, if I was willing to.

It was a long journey - just over 14 months - and there were times that it seemed too hard to have to keep paying back the money I owed when all I wanted was to lose myself in a little retail therapy. I admit there were plenty of times that I gave in, but in the end there was always a community of people going through the same journey I was to turn to for tough love and inspiration.

In the end I got through my journey and through a ton of other changes in my life, some good and some not so good, but on the far end I was able to say that I had taken control of my debt and learned a ton about the journey. I also came up with a new definition of rich…

Continued in part three…

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