• Morag McIntosh

What do you buy when you are feeling stressed?!?

We all have that go to purchase we make when times are tough and we are feeling less ‘resilient’ than we’d like.

I’ve been dealing with this topic a lot lately in the wake of my father’s death. It’s been a stressful, busy aggravating time for both me and my sister. Seriously, why am I cleaning out grocery store receipts from 2003?!? Were you planning on returning that loaf of bread 17 years later?!?

With that stress I’ve noticed an uptick in my “I-deserve-this-thing-because-of-that-stressor” type purchases. Me, I’m always up for food based purchases... The pint of Ben & Jerry’s, the dinner out so I don’t have to cook (or plan, or shop, or clean up… you get the idea), the pastries, the bottle of wine because I just can’t deal with anything else right now! It’s how I spend to cope.

My sister likes to buy shoes (Hey Heather!), some people buy experiences, some people buy travel, some people buy clothing. The point is, we all have that go to purchase when we are feeling stressed. And in times of stress they can start adding up to a big part of our monthly spending.

So I’m setting myself (and you if you are up for it!) a challenge. No more stress spending for one month. If I want a special treat I make it for myself. If I don’t want to make it for myself I don’t want it bad enough to buy it.

If you are a stress shopper take a one month break. One 30 day period where you take a break from new shoes, new clothes, new whatever’s. One month where the money you spend on stress shopping goes on to your debt or in to your portfolio instead. One month where you don’t mortgage your future to make today less stressful.

Who’s with me?

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