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Point in time thinking

I read an interesting article on LinkedIn this morning (#MoneyWiseGirls). It was about teaching young women and girls personal finance topics so that they had the same level of knowledge as their male counterparts. The article had great suggestions for financial literacy and control, but it was the comments that really struck me.

So many of the people who left comments spoke of currently feeling stuck in their own financial journeys.

Do you recognize that feeling? The feeling of being stuck but powerless to move. Maybe it’s not knowing what to do. Maybe it’s shame. Maybe it’s fear. Whatever the reason is, it feels like things will never change.

I felt it when I was confronted by my debt level in my twenties. It felt like I had let everything get so out of control that I had robbed myself of any agency. In the rare moments that I let myself think about my situation I felt it all. Fear, Shame, Overwhelm, Powerlessness and so many other negative emotions.

I was stuck in classic Point in time thinking: “This is the way things are and I can’t change them…”

Point-In-time thinking led to so much anxiety and panic around my finances.

I remember being in the living room of my rental apartment caught in yet another anxiety loop about paying my bills. I literally felt paralyzed and so alone in that moment. And then I remembered reading somewhere the idea that you could do anything for 15 minutes. It was such a freeing thought. It felt like a path had been laid out before me. It wasn’t a long path but it was something, some step that I could take. So I found a recent credit card statement that had come in the mail and I opened it. Then I found a hydro bill and opened it. In that small act of agency I moved. I took one step towards financial freedom. That step led to a feeling like I could do something. Most importantly it led to other steps.

The thing about Point-in-time thinking is that it lasts as long as you let it.

Give yourself permission to do one thing, even if it seems too small to make a dent in your issue. Feel the success of taking that step. Try believing that that first small step will lead to another and another. If you feel like you don’t know what to do next read one article about how to deal with your issue. If you feel shamed by past money mistakes practice compassion for yourself. If you feel fear take a few deep breaths and then take that one small step anyways. I promise you it will be the first step of many.

If you would like some support, encouragement or a gentle kick in the butt why not book a free 1 hour session with me. Together we can look at where you are, where you want to be and find that one step to start you on your way.

That first step is waiting…

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