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Making the last days of Summer count!

Last days of Summer
Last days of summer

It’s the final weeks before DS goes back to school. This time of the year is always filled with a sense of waiting for me. School and all of its routines are waiting just around the corner, but we are still deep in summer break mode.

I remember being a kid at this time of the year, seeing the back to school ads and thinking ‘Why would you want to ruin my summer vibe with back to school?!? It’s the middle of summer!’. I’ve been quietly working to make sure DS is ready to head back this fall by getting his fall/winter clothes sorted out, making sure his backpack, lunch bag and water bottles are all ready. I’ve been warning him that we’d need to start getting to bed on time so we were ready for our mornings. I’ve kept up with our homework schedule and helped him understand how doing a bit now will help him in grade three. It’s all very practical, BORING, parent stuff. So it occurred to me that in the next few weeks we needed to concentrate on FUN! On sending our summer out with a bang! So that is what we are doing.

Beach trip!
Where I'd rather be this week..

It can be a challenge to come up with super special, fun things for kids to do without breaking the bank, but we’ve come up with a list of fun activities that are a mix of paid attractions and free fun days. Here’s what our list looks like:

  • A trip to the CN Tower in Toronto followed by Ripley’s aquarium.

  • A trip to the Science Center.

  • A trip to the ROM.

  • A summer fun day, complete with pool, splash pad, park and picnic with his Grandmother.

  • A trip to the local orchard.

  • A trip to Bronte Provincial Park to play at the play barn and if it’s warm enough a trip to the pool.

Apples on a tree.
Apple Picking!

If you are wondering how I am going to stay on budget with so many attractions on my list I’ll let you in on my secret. The Fun Pass for 2019! If you live in Ontario it might be worth taking a look. There are free admissions (for kids) to a wide variety of attractions all across Ontario. From the ROM and the Science Centre to Art Galleries, Provincial Parks, historical forts and parks and Science North! The pass is free and it is helping a ton on keeping the costs down.

The other thing we are looking at is reduced tickets through DH’s work concierge. It’s a program where you can get tickets for various attractions at a reduced price. If you have access to one it can help save money.

The rest of our activities are free, but meaningful to my DS. He loves getting together with his Grandma and a whole day spent with her at a park is like a dream come true for him. Add in a picnic lunch and it’s a great way to make memories with out breaking the bank.

Picnic Basket
One of our favourite activities... Picnics!

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