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One of our favourite family outings is heading to free festivals on the weekends. We budget for lunch out if it’s a food related festival but that and gas are the only costs. A hat, a super high SPF sunscreen (I burn like a peach) and big water bottles and you are set for an afternoon of outdoor fun. Most local festivals highlight local talent so you get a chance to watch everything from kids dancing their heart out on stage to excellent local musicians. The amazing thing about Canada is that there is a festival for every possible interest out there and many of them go on into the fall and winter months.

To help you locate festivals in your neck of the woods I have compiled a list of festival listings all across Canada.

Here are some listings for general festivals across Canada:



Here are a couple of Food Festival listings that are Canada wide:



There are so many Music Festivals in Canada all across the country. Here are two listings to get started:



No list (for me) would be complete without a listing for Highland games! With a name like Morag McIntosh I have to represent!


These are just a few places to go find Canada Wide festivals, but it’s the small town festivals and the local heritage festivals that are so much fun. Personally I love the Taste of the Danforth, the Acton Leathertown Festival, Port Elgin’s Pumpkinfest. and the Fergus Highland games.

Why not find a festival that celebrates something you are interested in and spend a day checking it out!

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