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(Almost) one full year of free things to do

Here is my list of 51 free things to do. I am committing to doing one of these free things every week for the next year and then banking the money saved. I'm also taking readers suggestions for the very last week. Any (legal!) suggestions will be added to a master list and then at the end of the year I will select one at random and send the reader a free $100.00 gift card for a store of their choice. The same rules apply, it has to be free to do, it has to be something I can get to within a three hour drive and there can't be any costs for renting or buying equipment.


51 Free things to do:

  1. Check out free days at local museums.

  2. Go visit your local dog park and just watch the dogs run like crazy.

  3. Check out local libraries for free programs.

  4. Free outdoor skating rinks.

  5. Find a local hiking trail, invite a friend for a stroll.

  6. Volunteer at local humane society/ SPCA/ shelter.

  7. Volunteer at local food bank.

  8. Check out a free art gallery show, especially student art shows at schools.

  9. Check out local snowmobile clubs for free trail rides.

  10. Try a free Yoga class.

  11. Create your own free “fitness in the park’ group.

  12. Look for free local cooking classes, great for finding new recipes as well.

  13. Check out local libraries for free S.T.E.A.M classes.

  14. Find free local coding club or open source coding groups.

  15. Volunteer at local ESL classes as a conversational partner.

  16. Learn to take better photographs.

  17. Pack a picnic go to a local park.

  18. Host a board game night.

  19. Volunteer as a ticket taker or usher for a local theater production.

  20. Go to a local festival or fair.

  21. Check out local libraries for free movies.

  22. Go watch an outdoor recreational sports league.

  23. Learn a new skill from an on-line course.

  24. Learn how to make one origami thing.

  25. Host a paper airplane contest.

  26. Learn one magic trick.

  27. Hand write a letter to someone, deliver it in person.

  28. Get involved in a political cause.

  29. Find a free arts or crafts class.

  30. Write a poem/ short story.

  31. Have a mid-summer snowball fight (use crumpled up paper)

  32. Do a free spa day. Use what you already have.

  33. Plan the trip of a lifetime, create a new bank account for that savings goal.

  34. Plant a garden. Check out local seed libraries.

  35. Find a local park or greenhouse that is free to tour.

  36. Explore a new neighborhood or small town.

  37. Look for a free intro fitness class.

  38. Check out a local band.

  39. Celebrate a “Funny Holiday” like "International Speak Like a Pirate Day".

  40. Have a dance party where you learn a new move.

  41. Attend your local Canada Day parade.

  42. Attend Remembrance Day ceremonies in your town.

  43. Join a park clean-up for earth day.

  44. Visit your local special attraction (Hamilton is the water fall capital of the world)

  45. Visit your local fire station (arrange in advance!)

  46. Visit your local police station (arrange in advance!)

  47. Karma work for yoga studios.

  48. Visit your local indoor or outdoor walking track.

  49. Learn to juggle.

  50. Write out a list of things to do before your next big birthday, 1 a year, start on saving for them.

  51. Watch one local fireworks display for May 24th/ St Jean Baptiste / Canada Day etc.

  52. ?

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