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52 weeks of Free - Week 4

Spring is almost here people! I can feel it when I walk my dog in the morning and see it in my garden. There is something about this time of the year that makes me want to get a fresh start and tackle all of those cleaning projects that I put off over winter.

Case in point the caulking in my bathroom! It was getting scary, people! Like "taking on a life of it's own and talking in a demonic voice while you are alone in the shower" scary... I normally don't tackle jobs like these because they seem like too much effort... but at the same time I HATE paying someone to do jobs that seem so easy to do. I also HATE admitting I can't do something when there are a ton of DIY video's online that show you exactly how easy it should be. I guess I'm sort of lazy but also fiercely independent all at the same time. LOL!

It turns out that replacing the caulking in my shower was pretty easy (if a bit messy) and I ended up wondering why it took me so long to get to it. I included some action shots above, but the process was pretty easy. I used a paint scraper (the kind with razor blades in it) to cut away all of the old silicone caulking. This step was time consuming but not that hard. I cleaned the surfaces so that the caulking wouldn't leak with some cleaning strength vinegar and then applied the new caulking. This was honestly the part that worried me the most. I wanted to make sure there were no possible leaks, that it was neat looking and not get silicone all over myself and everything else. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I used a latex glove so that I could spread it evenly and sort of push it in to the corners and just tossed the glove afterwards. I think it turned out pretty well! And I no longer have to worry about demonic caulking...

I estimated that it would take a handy man roughly an hour to do the job since it took me about two hours. The going rate for a handy man around here is roughly $60-$65 CAD. So I took five dollars off for the tube of silicone and deposited $55.00 in the 52 weeks of free account. I'm up to $215.31 already which is just over 20 percent of my goal and my shower looks much much better!

Are there any little projects that you have been putting off? Share them below in the comments and maybe we can help motivate you to tackle them!

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