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52 weeks of Free – Week 3

It is day four of our fun and exciting March Break. I’ve had my eight year old home for this week and it’s been both incredibly fun and at times challenging. He has been taking on more and more responsibilities since his birthday and this March break we’ve tried a few new things together, both to keep us occupied and to help him learn new skills. I feel it’s safe to say that every day this week he has learned a new and valuable skill.

On Monday my darling son (DS) made a cake. All by himself (except for taking it in and out of the oven) from scratch! A two-layer-chocolate-fudge-with-strawberry-jam-filling-and-vanilla-icing-cake! And he completely decorated it himself too. It was a thing of beauty, people! He proudly served it at a family birthday party and it went over really well as you can tell from the picture of what is left. He was so proud of himself and I was beyond proud. It took him hours but he kept at it and the end result was fantastic.

On Tuesday we made home-made slime with glue and borax. It was really fun, but it didn’t really work out that well. The slime separated in to a white slime chunk and green water when what we wanted was green slime. But it was fun and we had a great time watching the chemical reaction take place. If anyone has any ideas of where we went wrong with our slime I would love to hear about it!

On Wednesday we were supposed to go out to the Milton Velodrome for a walking play date, but unfortunately his school friend had to cancel at the last minute. So instead he played with his friend next door outside for most of the afternoon. At one point he decided to cheat in the game that they were playing and upset the neighbour kid so much that he quit playing altogether. DS was devastated that his buddy was that upset that he walked away without letting him apologize. He came in the house almost in tears. We ended up having a great discussion about how to not only apologize but also how to set things right with your friends if you’ve made a mistake. He gave his buddy a while to cool down and then went over to apologize and make things right. Which sounds simple, but as an only child he’s not that experienced in not getting his own way and in making concessions for others. But he did it on Wednesday and again I was super proud of him.

Today was a trip to the library to ‘rent’ a movie. I let him choose whatever he wanted so tonight we are watching Moana (again!). Even though it’s not a new movie for us as a family I am considering this our free movie night. I’m pretty sure there are a million copyright laws I would be violating if I were to post pictures of the film so I’ll just add the savings break down instead.

For all three of us to go to a regular movie at a big chain we would usually spend around $75.00 for tickets and treats. I spent $2.36 on a bag of Sour Cream and Bacon chips for him as a special treat and a few cents on a big bowl of popcorn for us and we are all drinking water so no cost there. I rounded it down to $70.00 and transferred it to the ‘52 weeks of Free’ account. I’ve included the cost break down below.

Item Cost

Child Ticket $7.50

Adult Tickets $21.98

Child Combo $9.50

Popcorn Combo $25.50

Taxes $9.67

Total $74.15

So far I’ve done three weeks and have exceeded my goal by almost 10%! Yay me! I admit I have been doing some of the bigger ticket items right at the start, partly because they have been fun and partly because that way I get a larger amount of interest right off the bat. Hey, I’m a fan of free money even if it’s only 4 cents. LOL!

I also took out a book on taking better photographs so maybe by week four I’ll have a new skill to show off.

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